Swing – Kwame Alexander

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Written by Kari F.

Swing by Kwame Alexander is a book told entirely in verse about best friends Noah and Walt, who love baseball but were never good enough to make their high school’s team. Despite failing multiple times, Walt refuses to give up on his baseball dream. Meanwhile, Noah, with Walt’s encouragement, is preoccupied with confessing to his close friend Sam. Throughout the entirety of Swing, Noah learns the value of friendship and love as well as the prevalence of race in today’s society as he makes his way from childhood to adulthood. In Swing, Alexander once again proves how masterful he is with words as he creates a clear picture in the reader’s mind. He also uses repetition and structure to make the reader feel the emotions of the scenes while perfectly capturing the voices of high school students. Swing is a perfect read for anyone and everyone, as it has something for everyone, whether it is action, drama, poetry, love, or sports.