There will be three heats in the days preceding the national competition.  All competitions will start at 5:00 and will end at around 8:00. They will be at:

Monday, Jan. 27 – Sedgwick Middle School, West Hartford, CT

Tuesday, Jan. 28 – Middletown High School, Middletown, CT

Wednesday, Jan. 29 – The Ethel Walker School, Simsbury, CT

The national competition will be held on Thursday, January 30th at The Ethel Walker School at 7:00.

It is recommended that teams show up an hour early so that they can settle in and pick a category to receive double points in before the contest starts.  In addition, cell phones are strictly prohibited during the contest. Contestants must give them to their parents or coaches before the competition starts.


The Kids’ Lit Quiz features teams of four working together to answer the questions given by the Quizmaster.  In regional competitions, many teams are seated in the auditorium. They will be asked 100 questions divided into ten rounds of ten, with each round having a unique theme.  Each correct answer is worth one point, with no penalty for wrong answers. Before the quiz starts, each team will choose a category to receive double points for or two points for a correct answer as opposed to one.  Teams will record their answers on the answer sheets provided. Teams are encouraged to discuss amongst themselves and to leave no question unanswered. At the end of the round, a person will collect each team’s answer sheet and bring it to the judges’ table.  After all ten rounds, the teams that have the most points will advance to the national competition.

The national competition is in the same format as the World Final: Buzzer format.  In the national competition, each team will be seated at a table around a buzzer. Unlike the regional contests, the first team to buzz in will get a chance to give the answer, and no other team may give an answer unless the first team gets it wrong.  There are six rounds of twelve questions, and no double points round. Correct answers are awarded two points, but wrong answers cause the team to lose a point. In addition, they may not answer again until the next question is asked. Questions are formatted differently.  The questions are much longer, and will start incredibly obscure but will get more and more obvious. Teams are encouraged to be aggressive, as teams that rarely buzz in do not win.  At the end of the night, the team with the highest score will be declared the national champion and will get to advance to the World Final.